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Cosy car seat blankets.


Our collection is updated often so don’t miss out!

If our in stock lines dont suit your tastes you can customise the blanket to colours or styles that do.
Send us a message and we can give you a quote and design it with you.

customised cosy car seat blanket

Cosy car seat blanket

Suitable for newborn - 1year old.

A hood and 3 flaps,

one that comes up over feet

and then 2 side flaps that wrap around child.

These blankets allow the harness to pull through the blanket, so the integrity of the harness isnt compromised. The child is securely fastened with harness and no blanket is inbetween the baby and harness. Even fits in a pushchair as a cosy toes.

Fits 3 and 5 point harness and universal for any car seats.

Patchwork pram blanket /

Floor blanket

Nappy Wallet

These pram blankets measure


Ideal for prams or lap blankets in a pushchair.

Padded feel, so can be laid on the floor to play on

These nappy wallets are ideal

for when you dont need all the

nappy changing items. 

Easy to keep in your bag, tidily

Teething Jewellery

Jewellery you can wear that

a feeding child can fiddle with or

teething child can bite on to

sooth those sore gums.

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