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There is no such testing for car seat accessories like there is for car seats. 

As safety is really important to us, we wanted to make sure our customers were happy with the safety of our cosy car seat blankets.

The cosy car seat blanket was tested under the same conditions as a car seat test.  So that we could make sure the cosy car seat blanket didn't affect the car seat workings and harness at all.

The test was conducted in accordance with the ECE Reg 44 in a Britax Roma Duo Plus car seat.  Which has a 5 point harness.  After many consultations we were advised this was the best seat for testing.

The results of the testing showed, the cosy car seat blanket doesn't detach from the car seat.  It allows natural motion that would be as if the blanket wasnt fitted and doesn't impede the child after the testing.

Thus meeting the ECE reg 44 requirement.

No Coats or snowsuits in car seats,  Please.

Just to show what wearing a coat in a car seat can do.  Please don't put your child in a car seat wearing a coat or snowsuit.

Its frightening how much they compress, making the seat useless.

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