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Why I started Cosy car seat blankets

Updated: May 21, 2019

I started by creating this blanket for my unborn Nephew, who is now nearly 2.

When i had George, he would kick off blankets, they would end up on the floor and it would be this ongoing battle to put jumper/jacket on him before putting in his car seat to keep him warm.

So I looked to see what I could make for William, and this is what I came up with.

Once I created this for William, I then made one for my unborn little girl at the time.

Friends got to see it and wanted one too. So it went from there. They said market them, see if anyone else wants one. And they did want one.

Its safe and secure. It wont fall off onto the floor. It keeps the child lovely, snuggly and warm. Once my little one was wrapped up in it she would stay asleep on car journeys, shopping trips and nursery runs. I didnt have to worry about layers before putting her into her seat with the cosy car seat blanket in place. This was early December she was born and was going into her car seat in an all in one and that was it. She would be all snuggly and comfy. And best of all, she was secure!

They can be fun and customised, made to suit pushchair/travel system and parents tastes. Winter thickness (fleece inside layer and outside) or summer thickness (fleece layer and a cotton layer)

Alot of people I approached werent happy with the quality or finish of other products that were on the market. They loved the quality and finish of my cosy car seat blanket.

I had such a sense of satisfaction that I was producing something parents/grandparents wanted for their child/grandchild.

This was bringing Elizabeth home from the hospital. As you can see she wasnt too keen on her car seat at first.

But couple of minutes later, she was fast asleep.

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