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What car seat do i use ?

As someone who makes a car seat accessory i'm often asked "What car seat do you use?"

Well here goes.....I have two children, a 4 year old boy George and a 17 month old girl Elizabeth (wizzy for short).

As a mother it was a priority to get the best possible seat I could find. I'd love to say this was a money no object scenario but sadly I live in the real world! After lots of research I decided that Axkid Minikid was the best. To keep them rear facing for aslong as possible as they go up to 25kg. George is still nowhere near that weight.

These are great and as we have a Toyota Avensis estate, space wasnt an issue, because they are hefty seats.

Now we also have a hyundai I10 and there was no way these seats would fit in there. So ive gone for Britax Romer Duo Plus, which are forward facing unfortunately but the next best thing.

They are also transferrable between cars which is ideal for us as we also have Classic Minis and Morris Minor that they need to go in.

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