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Keep your baby safe when travelling.

Updated: May 21, 2019

Picking the correct car seat for you, is the most important part of travelling safely. Theres so many other points to consider. Are they warm enough, are they cool enough, are the comfortable...and so many more.

On a hot day if you have to travel in the car, try running air conditioning with windows closed before you need to put the child in the car. The car seats tend to have dark covers which tend to really retain the heat if been in direct sunlight or in the warm atmosphere for a period of time. Hoppefully this will stop them getting too hot, too quickly when in their car seats.

If you dont have air conditioning just try opening windows and doors to try get some airflow around the inside of the car.

We have sun visors up at the windows to stop them getting the direct sunlight on them or in their eyes.

If you have your car seat on its pushchair base, please dont cover the car seat whilst baby is in it, on a hot day. This traps hot air inside and heats the baby up rather than create shade and cool down, which is what you think your doing. Leave baby uncovered and let the air flow around them. If you want them in shade, you can get sun brollys which attach to the pushchair and you can move the around to where the sun is.

On a cold day if travelling in your car, make sure you have cosy car seat blanket in place to keep them snuggly warm. If the car has warmed up from the cars warm air fan then you can unflap sides to stop the baby getting too warm in it.

If you have an older child that isnt wearing a coat in their car seat, as they shouldn't then you can also buy XL cosy car seat blanket. This wraps over their legs and keeps them warm until the car is at a comfortable temperature. Ideal for school runs or shopping trips.

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